About Precision Rifle Series – South Africa

'Precision Rifle' is a multi-stage, long-range, practical shooting competition. During a shoot, competitors engage steel targets (widely referred to as gongs) at ranges of between 90 and 1200 metres from a variety of unconventional positions. Each stage is timed and on average competitors usually shoot between 6 and 10 stages per day, with between 6 and 12 rounds per stage. The total round count for a single day of shooting is usually between 60 and 80 rounds.

The sport had its origins in the United States but has since grown internationally and there are now Precision Rifle competitions in many countries, with well over 5000 competitive shooters worldwide.

Precision Rifle in South Africa

On the 8th of February 2019 the South African Precision Rifle Federation (SAPRF), incorporating Precision Rifle Series – South Africa, was recognised by the South African Shooting Sports Confederation (SASSCo) as an official Shooting Sport within South Africa, and as the offical Precision Rifle Federation/Association.

Precision Rifle was started in South Africa with Tac Driver (Rob Ramsden & Steve Cox) running the first precision rifle event in August of 2015. Since then it's grown rapidly round the country into National, Provincial, Club and PR22 matches hosted on an almost weekly basis.