The SAPRF council and secretary are currently working to update SAPRF official documents for 2024. Please be patient. Members will receive an email when the new documents have been published.
2023 USA PRS Finale selection policy for SAPRF
2023 USA PRS Rimfire Final selection policy for SAPRF
IPRF Factory Division Rifles
IPRF Precision Rifle Rules
IPRF Rimfire Factory Division Rifles
The recommended Standard Operating Procedure for MDs.
Here the PR22 SAPRF series rules for national and provincial matches.
SAPRF Code Of Conduct
SAPRF Conflict of Interest Policy
SAPRF Constitution
SAPRF Divisions
SAPRF Judicial Code
SAPRF New Shooters Guide
Here the SAPRF PR22 National selection policy document for the IPRF PR22 World Championships in 2025.
SAPRF Range Office Quick Guide
SAPRF Rules and Regulations 2024 v2.1
SAPRF Selection Policy 2022 IPRF World Championships 2024
SAPRF Selection Policy 2022 IPRF World Championships 2024 v2.0 amended 20240206
SAPRF Social Media Policy
SAPRF Types of Matches